Protecting your clients’ assets is at the heart of what you do every day. And when it comes to certain clients, you realize the diversity and volume of their assets require strategies outside of ordinary policies or plans. But you may not always have all the resources you need to fully support your high net worth clients; that’s when it helps to have a partner that can provide the right solutions to close the deal.

By partnering with The Affluence Group on complex insurance policies and financial planning, you can offer your best clients more than just products and promises; you’ll give them the security of the very best, non-traditional coverage so they can live comfortably. Plus, our specialists go beyond the sale; we take the time to explain our solutions in clear language so clients understand what they’re getting and why it’s right for them.

The Affluence Group and its vast network of top professionals in the insurance and financial industries provide solutions as powerful as your clients themselves. With deep roots in the industry, we deliver coverage that works for your top-tier clients and benefits the agents who serve them. So you can feel confident knowing you’re providing the best possible plans, while reaping the rewards of a true partnership.

At The Affluence Group, our relationships are built on trust, our products delivered with confidence. Come talk to us when you’re in need of a specialist to handle complex needs and provide uniquely crafted solutions for your high net worth clients, including:

  • Life insurance
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning