As an industry leader with nearly 44 years of experience, we believe in building relationships with only the best. We partner with the top insurance professionals and agencies, representatives from independent broker dealer firms, financial and estate planners, attorneys, CPAs and more – all to deliver coverage that helps you offer better solutions to your clients.

The Affluence Group connects individuals and organizations that need a specialist to handle difficult and complex high-end solutions. By understanding more about you and your clients’ specific needs and the available coverage and options, we deliver results that speak for themselves. In fact, we often succeed where other agents or brokers have failed. That’s because we design proven, architected solutions that most agents can’t offer, and we follow through by ensuring clients’ understanding of the coverage.

We’re not your ordinary insurance company; we pride ourselves in offering new, out-of-the-box ideas and progressive strategies that put you and your clients’ needs first. And our specialists follow a strict code of ethics to ensure our solutions meet your high standards. All that’s required is an open mind and willingness to learn how and why our plans work time and again.