In these uncertain economic times, it’s important to choose a policy that works with you and for you, regardless of market fluctuations. Equity indexed universal life products protect you, your family and your investments above and beyond traditional plans and policies, offering you the protection and guarantees you need, as well as the long-term potential you want.

Unlike traditional universal life insurance policies, which may fall short in offering loss protection and helping you reach your retirement goals, equity indexed universal life offers flexibility, long-term cash accumulation and protection from negative market losses.

The Affluence Group’s index life strategies allow you to enjoy the freedom to choose how your policy will benefit you most – all while gaining peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

What It Is & How It Works
The cash value within an equity indexed universal life insurance policy is credited with an interest rate, which is tied to the performance of a market index (S&P 500 Index, for example) that you select. Generally, equity indexed products offer downside protection against adverse performance by guaranteeing that the policy cash value crediting rate will be not less than zero in any given year. This feature is made possible by including a cap or maximum crediting rate, which is generally in the range of 12-15% annually. These features allow for the potential to receive significant interest rate crediting with enhanced, predictable, long-term results. Long term results can be further enhanced by the addition of an “Annual Reset” feature, which allows the policy cash value to capture the gains in good years, without having to make up for a previous year’s adverse credited rates.

Because equity indexed life is not a security – meaning you’re not investing in stock – it doesn’t carry the same amount of risk as traditional policies. Rather, you earn an interest credit based on a market index, such as Standard & Poor’s – or any domestic or global index of your choice.

Equity indexed universal life policies have many additional features that can help a client achieve their planning goals and objectives. Special riders can be used to enhance a policy’s cash surrender value, which in some products can equal, or even exceed, premium paid in year one. These riders have been around for many years for large banks and corporations looking to provide executive benefit compensation through life insurance without negatively affecting their balance sheet. Insurance companies are now offering these riders and features on a one-off basis to the average consumer which creates exciting and unique planning opportunities.

Our Strategy
When it comes to life insurance, what matters most to you? Enjoying peace of mind for you and your family? Building long-term wealth? Feeling confident you’ve chosen the right policy for your needs?

Whatever your situation demands, The Affluence Group can help you achieve your current and future goals by selecting the right policy for your unique needs. In today’s strained economic environment, our equity indexed life insurance products can help you achieve wealth and protect you from market losses. We’ll incorporate the right plan into your portfolio as part of your overall investment strategy. Equity indexed policies can be utilized in many different scenarios such as, captive insurance company planning, premium financing, and the cash value can be used to supplement retirement income.

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We simplify insurance and financial strategies so you understand what you’re getting and why it will work for you. With more than 30 years’ experience writing some of the largest, most complex policies in the country, we have a solid reputation as one of the best in the industry.