The Affluence Group’s success is a product of nearly 43 years of experience and our commitment to helping clients live their dreams. What makes us different is the way in which we do business.

  • We don’t sell insurance.
    Rather, we help clients to better understand why they want to purchase a particular policy.
  • We don’t sell; we explain so that everyone understands.
    Understanding policy details is our job; we deliver by explaining our concepts to clients in clear language that makes sense to them.

Our experience and understanding of complex structure has allowed us to architect and create unique solutions and financial instruments, such as cost-effective domestic Captive Insurance arrangements and very attractive premium-financing interest rates and terms.  We partner with the best respected institutions in developing our solutions – to address the need to generate predictible planning results when historically rock-solid companies have created a sense of uncertainty.

We make a living by simplifying complex matters of insurance and financial and estate planning. Our method of delivering solutions to your clients is what allows us to help you close more deals than anyone. It’s also how we’ve maintained a national presence unlike other insurance companies. In fact, we’ve been brought in as specialist for numerous national organizations to help with their best and most important customers.

The Affluence Group works for you and your clients. Learn more about our proven strategies and uniquely crafted solutions by contacting us today at 410.472.6490.